Art Submissions.

Thank you for being part of Erotiqus. We have a goal to allow people all over the world to view and own original art. We want to provide a space for artist to showcase their work at a low cost and high visibility. We are the number one "Original Erotic Art " site on the web today. 
We welcome all submissions. Please send Prints, lithographs, photographs, photocopies, or floppy disks with all necessary information to:
RPJ Enterprises
Submissions Dept.
P O Box 16371 San Diego, Cal. 92116
Please do not send original artworks!

We receive lots of samples from all over the world. We are currently only accepting about 10% of all samples sent. All material sent becomes property of RPJ Enterprises. The artists we wish to showcase are the ones that may not have the money to open and run a shop or web site. We all know that art is not the quick rich plan. We do this because we love what we do.
It comes from within... like the images we create. 
We are currently the largest Original Erotic art site on the web. We also have two walk in galleries in California. We are limited to the wall space we can use for each show, and by having an online gallery we can show more works for a longer period
We must pay for gallery rental space as well as web space and we must pass these costs along to the artists. We here at Erotiqus are all artists and know that we love to create our art but it can also be very costly. We can't pay a lot of money to show and travel around the world, so we created this online gallery.
We charge the least amount for web display of any of the sites we seen.
$5.00 per image per month.
That includes all scanning and web master costs. Each artist is allowed up to four images per month.
To be included in our mail order catalog it is only $10.00 per image.
We also offer a one year Artist-Dealer contract: this includes all of the above and we also Represent you to over 200 private collectors. We have our reps. do the gallery scene and show your works for inclusion to any of their upcoming shows. We send a newsletter out every few months to update our private collectors to the new artists and works we are showing.
This is a $500.00 cost for a one year contract.

We know there are some scam companies out there trying to part you and your small amount of cash you have. Don't invest any money with companies that ask for all of it up front. This is usually a bad sign. We also don't even take money from some of our artist, We workout a trade for art work. We know that is not the best business practice but we do this to allow everyone to participate. 
If you have any questions please E-Mail Us.

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