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Olivia De Berardinis and Hajime Sorayama
Limited Edition Lithographs

Olivia De Berardinis
Olivia's unique approach to painting and her brilliant use of the female body has earned her the
highest praise and admiration among her colleagues and collectors throughout the world.
We are proud to offer for a limited time, many of her finest signed
 limited edition lithographs at greatly reduced prices.
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Pretty Peepers  Harum Scarum   Moulin Rouge ShindigDon't Bother to knock


Olivia Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Lithographs
1. "Pretty Peepers" Edition Size 550. Price Retail $600. Erotiqus price $345. SOLD
2."Harum Scarum" Edition Size 636. Retail Price $1000. Erotiqus price $550.
3."Licorice Sticks" Edition size 621. Retail Price$500. Erotiqus price $330.
4. "Moulin Rouge" Edition size 621. Retail Price $750. Erotiqus price $450.
5. "Shindig" Edition size 621. Retail Price$500. Erotiqus price $330.
6."Don't Bother to knock" ED size573. Retail Price$500. Erotiqus price $330.
7. "Starfish" Edition size591. Retail Price$400. Erotiqus price $325. SOLD
8."Buttercup" Retail Price $600. Erotiqus Price $400.
9.Sugarpuss" Retail Price $700. Erotiqus Price $350
10."Sticky Buns" Retail price $900.  Erotiqus Price $500
11."licorice Whips" Retail $500.  Erotiqus Price $300
12."Licorice Licks" Retail Price $500. Erotiqus Price $300
13."Cherry Blossoms" Retail Price $500.  Erotiqus Price $300
14." Silk Stockings" Retail Price $900.  Erotiqus Price $500 SOLD
15."Tattoo II" Retail Price $500  Erotiqus Price $300
16. " Tattoo I" Retail Price $500.  Erotiqus Price $300
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Hajime Sorayama
Erotica II      Lithograph 20    Lithograph 21      Lithograph 26      Lithograph 9
Sorayama limited edition lithographs
1."Erotica II" size: 38"x27"  Retail Price$600. Erotiqus price $295.00 SOLD
2."Erotica XX" size: 38"x27". Retail Price$600. Erotiqus price $330.
3."Lithograph 21" Edition size250. Retail Price$600. Erotiqus price $330.
4."Lithograph 26" Edition size250. Retail Price$600. Erotiqus price $330.
5."Erotica XXVI" size: 38"x27" Retail Price$600. Erotiqus price $380.
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Erotiqus is proud to offer limited edition lithographs from each of these famous artists. We have purchased each of the lithographs shown and now pleased to offer them to you.
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We offer only one of each limited edition.
The images used are only to represent the artwork for sale.

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