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Erotiqus Is proud to present Dean Werts. 
" Thank you for stopping by. I am currently working as a personal trainer 
 I am also going to try to do a little modeling, 
Please let me know what you think. "
Dean Werts

Im Dean!

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Im Dean! Hi There!
Just chillin Out by the Ocean! Im Dean!

"If You are interested in any of these photographs please let me know
 so I can send  you a signed hand printed 8x10. Or just E-Mail me. "  
Dean Werts


Im Dean! Im Dean! Im Dean!


Dean 1 Dean 2 Dean 3
Dean4 Dean 5 Dean 6

Dean has more photographs in the patron section.
Erotiqus  offers a section Exclusive to Patrons of the Arts. 
Each of our photographers have photographs to display in the Patrons section.
 These works may not be for sale or are favorites of the Artists.
 Some of these works are to Erotic to display to the public.