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Welcome to Erotiqus. We are proud to present some of the greatest Erotic art that we have found. These artists have some great original works for sale. Now available to you. At one time these works were only offered to private collectors of erotic art, but through our gallery you can own any of the originals or prints offered on our pages.

Robert James
Robert P James

Robert James is a freelance Artist/Photographer from Southern California. He has been published in many magazines like:"Sin", "Kulture Deluxe", "Dark Culture", "AVN" (Adult Video News)," Artistik Review",  and more! His fresh colorful style has been banned for many years due to the erotic content. Although many Erotic art collectors have sought out his work world wide for their personal gallery for many years. Now is your chance to own an original work.
He is available for request and commission work.

Please click on an image below to view the artists works. 

World famous Erotic artist: Robert James art of Bettie Page
Original water color 
Item: "Bettie Page" Price:$1450.00  

 Erotic artist: R James art of topless girl in pig tails

Original water color 
Item: "Pig tails" Price:$450.00  

 Erotic artist: R James art of topless Bettie page
Original water color 
Item: "Bettie 12" Price:$350.00  


World famous Erotic artist: Robert James art of Jeanna Fine
Original water color 
Item: "Gina" Price:$1150.00  

Sexy Blonde Topless
Original watercolor and Pencils.
Item:"Blonde1" 11" x 14"
Price $165.00

The Lovers
Original ink 11"x14"
Item:" Lovers" 

Kissing Girls
Original Water color
Item: " Girls2"
Price: $ 500.00

Artist:Robert James
Original Ink 11"x14" 
Item: "Pleasure" Price:$500.00 

Original Ink 11"x 14"
Item : "Machinations" 
Price"$ 225.00

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